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How To Properly Check and Fill Tyres

So before starting on your journey, be it a short trip to work or a long holiday road trip, here are a few steps to properly check your tyres.

To find your tyres' proper inflation level, look for a sticker on the driver-side doorjamb. It displays the vehicle weight restriction and tyre information. The info is also found in the maintenance or car-care section of your vehicle’s owner's manual. 

Don't refer to the sidewall markings on your tyres, which in part specify the maximum tyre pressure — not the recommended pressure. You may drive your car at the maximum limit but for not very far if the donuts are near exploding!

Unless you see your tyre being nearly or in fact, flat, you should use a tyre gauge to know the exact pressure. Most Malaysians do not own this convenient gadget but it is worth having. Rather, we mostly visit a petrol station and have a look at the air filling machine gauge when we start. 

A word of advice here is that petrol stations themselves rarely calibrate the machines. So most of us do not really know what the pressure was but have a close guess in mind!

As the name would suggest, your friendly neighbourhood car service centre Tayaria will be more than happy to check on your tyres and if you want, make a recommendation or two.

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